Covid-19 leads to charity

Charity is usually unthought of especially when we are all focused on our career and lives. But 2020 had thrown us a curveball…our hectic lives were brought to a halt which led to anxiety, confusion, frustration…

As the Covid-19 situation panned out in the early part of 2020, and Singapore went into Phase One of Circuit Breaker, we had the time to really take stock of our lives, reflect and relook our priorities.

We started helping Willing Hearts to deliver food for the needy on 18th May 2020 and till today (28th Dec 2020), we have completed 28 Days of delivery and looking forward to continuing  in 2021.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 leads to charity

  1. Anne lim says:

    Awesome, well done. 👍

  2. Netty says:

    Congratulations guys!! We’ll organized and good planning. Had a wonderful adventure!!

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