No chewing gum? Spitting and jay walking is an offence! 

From a third to first world country in a very short span of time. Come and be part of our success story!

For almost 144 years, Singapore was ruled by the British. A free port was set up in the early 1800s and that led to many different ethnic groups to flock here, majority looking for work or business opportunities. Over time, some made Singapore their home, while some returned to their native land.  Singapore is largely a migrant country of different ethnicities, religions, with diverse culture and customs. Despite our differences, we have learnt to respect and tolerate each other, and live harmoniously.  
Come join our tours and hear stories from our past and present on what makes us unique and true Singaporeans. Our passionate guides who are true blue Singaporeans will narrate stories of this tiny island we call home. 
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